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House Fire | Covenant Solutions can helpEver hear that old saying “you get what you give”?

In the United States we have few natural resources more precious then our local fire fighters and rescue squad members! As you work tirelessly around the clock giving all that you have and more to your communities, that old saying falls short in terms of the operational funding you actually do “get back:” from economically stressed communities and even more concerning from insurance providers who benefit (even profit) from your response.

We know you don’t expect much and you do what you do with compassion and dedication, but so often many of you have no choice but to work with substandard equipment — due to insufficient or downright lack of funding — all the while sacrificing the recognition and safe conditions that you so rightfully deserve! 

Covenant Solutions recognizes that our fire services have not been getting back what you give in terms of recognition, funding support and most importantly safe equipment for a very long time, and we’re on a mission to help change all that!

The Team at Covenant Solutions’
is committed toward making your life as a responder safer and easier! You give your best to us each and every day, and when you choose Covenant Solutions as your cost recovery service, our best is exactly what we will deliver back to you!

We have a specific focus: Fire-Rescue Incident Reponse Cost Recovery!

We have been providing Cost Recovery Solutions to Fire Departments and Rescue Squads across our Nation since 2005! Our team’s dedicated commitment to our customers needs has helped move Motor Vehicle Accident Response cost recovery and other untapped revenue streams into the mainstream.

The opportunity to work for your department is an honor we don’t take lightly and we are committed toward keeping you operational and response ready at the highest levels. To us, this is not just a job but truly a mission of utmost urgency!

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Our Customers Say …

Listen to what our customers have to say about Covenant Solutions!

You have made it so easy for us to submit online, it only takes just a few minutes and we are done! Everyone I have dealt with has been very courteous and professional every time I have contacted Covenant! I would recommend Covenant to any other department for Cost Recovery because truly you are the “Specialists”!

Kevin M. Chastain, Chief
Wren Fire Department
Piedmont SC

Since March we have collected alittle over $15,000 to date by using your cost recovery services! The Submit A Run entry system could not be any easier. We have formatted our NFIRS incident reports to basically reflect the same layout. This allows our members the ease of information gathering and me the ease of information entry.

I have no problem referring Covenant to anyone interested in their services. I have already referred several local fire departments to Covenant !

John Maynard, Fire Chief
Red Oak Community Rural VFD
Greenville, NC

On behalf of our volunteer organization, I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work you do. With every email, phone conversation, and correspondence Covenant has responded with a positive, courteous, professional, and caring attitude. Your tips for our documentation and your aggressive team who work diligently to recover costs we incur on our calls have led to much success in obtaining funds which would otherwise not exist.

Terry D. Sims, Captain
Great Falls Rescue Squad
Great Falls, SC

… … Our experience with [Covenant Solutions] has provided us with money that not only supports our way of conducting emergency response but is refreshing our way of helping people and providing for our responders. Your high recovery percentages gives us the confidence to recommend your services to all of our neighboring fire departments.

James Steele, Captain
Arlee Fire Department
Arlee, MT

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