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Recover Response Costs in Today’s World? Of Course You Can!

Fire fighters using the Jaws of Life at an accident scene

How We Can Help!

While the concept is straight forward enough, the whole process may seem challenging, complicated and time consuming, creating more work than you really want or need! That’s where we come in!

In order to recover your own costs through insurance you need to know “the game” and how to play it. Covenant Solutions takes the guess work out and makes it easy for you. Covenant Solutions plays the game for you, acting as your Coach, Quarterback and Cheerleader, throughout the entire process, recovering response costs on your behalf. We focus on a common sense approach, helping you navigate the Cost Recovery waters with ease and confidence! We can help you recover costs for the following types of Incident Response:

  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Structure Fires
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Equipment Fires
  • Hazardous Material Incidents
  • Industrial/Commercial Incidents
  • Train Incidents
  • Plane/Air Transport Incidents
  • Water, /Special Rescue Events
  • Gas Pipeline Incidents
  • and many other qualifying incidents

Covenant’s Cost Recovery System!

Covenant Solutions Robust and Proprietary Database can process an infinite number of incidents and claims while easily accommodating even the most challenging cost recovery programs. Our Cost Recovery Services model adapts to virtually any fee schedule and reimbursement methodology!

Our web-based incident reporting module is designed to utilize standard information from your NFIRS reports using your existing protocol. After completing a response, just login to your Covenant account and send over your report! Other submittal options are available (fax/ email/ regular mail).

Once you pass us the ball, we’ll run with it so you can go back to doing what you do best while we do our best, for you! All of us here at Covenant look forward to becoming a dedicated part of your “Team”!